Dr. Nikhil Gupta
MS, M.ch
Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Plastic Surgery

The word "Plastic" originated from Greek terminology "Plastikos" which means moulding. Today Plastic Surgery has a wide application and is not merely "a nose job" or a "face lift".

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is divided into the following sub-specialties all of which are offered at the SGL Hospital. General Plastic Surgery Cranio - Maxillofacial surgery, Aesthetic (cosmetic) Plastic Surgery, Micro Vascular and Hand Surgery, Head and Neck Reconstruction, Acute burns and Post Burn problems.

General Plastic Surgery

Cranio - Maxillofacial surgery
Aesthetic (cosmetic) Plastic Surgery
Micro Vascular and Hand Surgery
Head and Neck Reconstruction
Acute burns and Post Burn problems

Cranio - Maxillofacial Surgery

It includes those surgical procedures employed to correct complex congenital (since birth) and acquired (post-trauma) deformities. Severely disfigured patients, either due to congenital abnormality or secondary to trauma can be given a great deal of benefit by Craniofacial operations. Common Craniofacial deformities that can be corrected are

Facial Clefts
Facial Microsomia
Mouth and jaw deformities
Craniofacial trauma( injuries)
Ear Reconstruction

Aesthetic (cosmetic) Plastic Surgery

The various cosmetic procedures that are performed are

Scar Improvement Procedures
Rhinoplasty or "Nose Job"
Septo Rhinoplasty - Correction of deviated noses
Face Lift
Blephroplasty - Removal of wrinkles from the upper/lower eyelids
Brow Lift
Breast Reduction/ Breast Augmentation
Hair Transplant - Micro Follicular Unit Method

Micro Vascular & Hand Surgery

Micro Vascular surgery is a sub specialty performed with the aid of a microscope on structures that are barely visible to the naked eye. This sub specialty mainly deals with " Replantations" (reattaching severed parts of the limb). For a successful Replantation, preservation of the amputated part is important. The amputated part should be preserved DRY in a DRY polythylene bag. This bag should be immersed in a mixture of ice and cold water and should reach the proper centre in few hrs / Earliest.