Dr. Manoj Kumar Gupta
MBBS, MS, M.ch (Urology)


The Department of Urology offers a Comprehensive Urological Services to Diagnose and treat various ailments like Urinary Stones (Kidney, Ureteric & Bladder Stones), Urinary Retention(Prostated), Uretheral structure or Ureteric Structures Urinary incontinence and other Urinary ailments such as Cancer of prostate, Kidney or Bladder etc. Kidney stones are treated by PCNL (Percutaneous nephrolithotomy) by lithotripsy. New technique called MINIPREC for smaller stones is also done. Urinary stones of bladder and ureter are manages by Cystolithoripsy and URS suspectively. Prostate surgery is done by Transurethral resectionl of Prostate(TURP) and Bladder tumour is removed by TURBT. Other urinary ailments such as urinary infection, Renal abscess are also treated efficiently in the department of urology.