Dr. Disha Syal
Gastrointestinal Surgeon
MS, DNB (Surgical Gastroenterology)

Surgical Gastroenterology

Several gastrointestinal operations are complicated and need a sophisticated and precise approach, which can be provided by a gastrointestinal surgeon, confining to this area of expertise.

At SGL Superspeciality Hospital, we have a superspeciality Department of Surgical Gastroenterology providing exclusive and comprehensive services to patients with complicated diseases of pancreas, biliary tract, gastrointestinal tract, liver and spleen including advanced laproscopic Surgery. These major and complicated Surgical procedure are possible only due to the state of the art operation theatres with all modern equipment and gadgets, backed by well equipped modern ICU and trained Nursing staff.

Advanced GI Surgical procedures offered at the department include:


Pancreatic Surgery is the main thrust area of this department. The various procedures being performed are:
Necrosectomy, peritoneal drainage and procedures for acute pancreatitis.
Surgery for pseudocysts both open and laparoscopic.
Both drainage and resectional procedures for chronic pancreatitis like lateral pancreato-jejunostomy, Frey’s and other pancreatic head preserving procedures.
Whipple’s procedure and other resectional procedures for periampullary and pancreatic tumours are being done routinely.

Biliary tract:

Surgery for benign and malignant surgical obstructive jaundice including biliary strictures, CBD stones. Choledochal cyst.
Carcinoma of the gall bladder, pancreas and the bile duct.

Surgery for ulcerative colitis and complicated gastrointestinal problems:

Pouch and ileoanal procedures have changed the outlook for ulcerative colitis and now patients can get rid of the disease by surgery with intact anal passage. They do not need a permanent ileostomy. Complicated intestinal problems like multiple surgeries, intestinal fistulae etc. are being managed by an expert team.

Surgery for GI and Hepatobilary Cancers:

All advanced surgeries for GI cancers are being offered Surgery for cancer of the oesphagus, stomach, Small intenstine, Colorectal Cancer, Hepatobilary and pancreatic Cancer, Benign and maligant tumars of Liver by hepatic resection.
Portasystemic vascular shunt procedures like splenectomy and lieno-renal shunt and other shunt procedures.

Laparoscopic Surgery:for harnia, Gall bladder and apendix are being done.

Upper GI Endoscopy and colonoscopy procedure are being done routinely.