Dr.Gurpreet Singh
ECFMG(USA),Epilepsy Fellow(USA)


The Department of Psychiatry at SGL Hospital is at the forefront of advancing the care of patients with mind-brain disorders through clinical, research, and educational innovation and excellence. Our psychiatrists collaborate with primary care and medical specialists to provide coordinated, expert care for patients with primary psychiatric illnesses and those with psychiatric conditions due to other medical and neurological conditions.

At our psychiatry department, we try and induce a sense of wellbeing to our patients after understanding their situations. A multitude of mental inadequacies ranging from mild, acute, and chronic; covering all age groups – children, adolescents and adults, are treated. An added advantage is having internists and other specialists under the same roof, especially neurology and neurosurgery facilitating to tackle various neuropsychiatric problems. The department is equipped to handle all forms of psychological disturbances.